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Clade Song 5

Joanne Allred Forecast

T. Thibodeaux Baar and Marck Beggs

The Dog (video)
Polly Brown From the Eyewitness Book for Mammals
Lauren Camp Coyotes
Alan Clinton Autochthonic
Ina Roy-Faderman Bees Big as Elephants
Nels Hanson Not Alone
John Loughlin Life Coach
Kimberly Miller Magpie
  The Pterosaur
Tamer Mostafa By a Delta in Northern California
Ron Riekki Cats
Claudia Savage Alight Before the Sirens
  Tiny, Tiny
Beth Spencer Every Day She Rowed Slowly
  The Millet Was Ripe
Melissa Tuckey Monsanto, Drunk in the Garden
  Mary Oliver Yelled at Me on the Winter Beach
Gillian Wegener Bolling Grove, Avenue of the Giants Stop #2
Changming Yuan Gongxifacai: An Idiomatic Chinese Calendar







Tatyana Apraksina

tr. by James Manteith



Marcelo Uribe

tr. by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo and C. D. Wright

Mar Blanco/White Ocean






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Deer Deer Deer Moth sparrow Frog spider rat rat rat