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Дороги завиток
Улиткой виноградной
Свернулся под горой,

На скалы лёг
Под лаской океанской
Дымящийся прибой.

Поняв намёк,
Кипит границей влажной,
Бежит змеёй,

Как белый островок,
Как знак мечты туманной
Под бешеной луной.

Доходчивый урок:
Какой певец прославит
Земли покой?

Десятки строк
Ни капли не прибавят
К воде морской.

Биг Сур, 2001


A curl of road,
A vineyard snail,
Rolled beneath the mountain.

Down craggy coasts
The crested ocean nuzzles,
Spraying clouds of foam.

The signal known,
The boiling border’s oil
Glides by like a python,

A white slip of an islet
Like an omen vision veiled
Beneath a wild moon.

Observe the lesson shown:
Which singer glorifies
Earthly peace?

Dozens of lines,
Not a drop more
Water in the sea.

Big Sur, 2001


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Tatyana Apraksina, with roots in classical and underground music in St. Petersburg and Moscow, has grounded much of her work in study of contemporary ensembles and composers such as the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Borodin Quartet and Dmitry Shostakovich, with venues associated with these sources among the hosts of her exhibits beginning in the 1980s. Her essays, including "Lessons for 'Orly," have been published by the St. Petersburg Philosophical Society and Moscow State University Press. Since 1995, she has served as editor-in-chief of interdisciplinary magazine Apraksin Blues. Her award-winning California Psalms, initially published by St. Petersburg’s Neva journal, and her autobiography are included in St. Petersburg State University’s print and audio documentary project on alternative Russian culture. Her poetry has also appeared, often accompanied by James Manteith's translations, in such journals as International Poetry Review, Saint Petersburg Review, caesura, Reality and Subject, Terra Nova and convolvulus. She has been profiled in magazines such as Soviet Union, Musical Life and Music in the USSR, as well as in documentaries for Lentelefilm, Channel 5 and Arte.  
In addition to magazine publications and his annotated translation of Tatyana Apraksina's California Psalms (Radiolarian Press), James Manteith's credits as a translator include the books Physics in a Mad World and Under the Spell of Landau (both World Scientific), as well as experimental memoir Thank You, Comrade Stalin, for Our Happy Childhood (Barbaris). His Russian and literary studies began at Middlebury College and continued at St. Petersburg State University, and he currently serves as contributing translation editor for Apraksin Blues magazine. His essays have appeared in the anthologies of the Russian Association for Research in Women's History and the Russian Institute for Cultural Research. He also translates from the Russian songwriting canon, a source which informs his original compositions.  



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