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our garden is cobwebs still silver still
rusted with winter and thorns

I could believe everything is resting

at dinner the other night our chemist friend
abbreviated laws of thermodynamics
to cyclic process

that the entropy will either increase
or remain as it is I said yes

winter disordered every seed and plant
while we were busy while the ground
remained raw disappointed

we were busy inside
with our pots of lamb stew with our asleep bodies

for dessert she served homemade ice cream
with berry sauce in lime colored dishes
then we went out to their garden

we walked that green triangle

and she bent down and rooted in lambs ear
as he pulled the flesh
of their fast spreading chives

they filled a plastic bucket with what had taken
over the sky was unbending

looking up she remarked you can’t see Andromeda
if you focus
you must look away

I know little of galaxies except my own I know

the bread and bed I share with my husband
light tilting beneath curtains

at home the next day the sugar has boiled
on the stove

hummingbirds plunge
wrapped in color ready to suck on the nucleus
and he and I go outside gash the ground

set gifted plants at the east edge
of the house the earth still nearly taut

rising he orbits around me skims
lips on my neck his kisses hold to my cheek

the light in the distance the magnitude
nearly forgives us our random systems

now the black cat is luster and dust
and walking opaque through the plants
that are just a wreck of beginning

the cat sits in the new lurch of wind
and I offer the soil another psalm another

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Lauren Camp is the author of two collections, most recently The Dailiness, winner of the National Federation of Press Women 2014 Poetry Book Prize and a World Literature Today “Editor’s Pick.” Her third book, One Hundred Hungers, was selected by David Wojahn for the Dorset Prize, and is forthcoming from Tupelo Press. She won The Más Tequila Review Margaret Randall Poetry Prize and the 2012 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award. Her poems have appeared in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Beloit Poetry Journal, Linebreak, Redivider, The Laurel Review, Nimrod and other journals. She hosts “Audio Saucepan,” a global music/poetry program on Santa Fe Public Radio.  



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