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piece of metal
once used for something
now on the sidewalk
given arms for daisies
and so it begins
why don’t you build
something nice for once
have to see autochthonic
cut hallways still wake you up
who sees you wakes you
accounts able to telescope
prehensile lonely animal show
showmen escape with uneven legs
easy hunted inside out
also ocean
twisted face
to move a little healing half
mask with a long nose
certainly a nursery bogie hi!
see priest burning feathers
subscribe to baader-meinhoff
composite legends
cherry blossoms maybe pictograms
on the rocks devouring a child
no recordings so maybe
any cosmography lived on air
in all probability a familiar hacker
subarctic eyes oddly mechanically chosen
rough terrain messages
its child
the halfway people are so asserted
you need to find the name of the lab
you have pictures of the lab manual
first thunder in two years

disgust with the manics again
whole genealogy of giants
sharpening a knife put to flight
happen lit escapee delivery flood
does not appear an addition
later versions gale
inventing something concerned with drinking
hare pursuing description comes exaggerated
converted caused elevated bless
cure sick children sects in Japan
flower astrological
whore us 60 feet in height
wind spirit winds shaolin sufi corpuscles
you can improve yourself and leave yourself
holistic mobius terra number
birds with hades
contaminated torture blinded
getting the food tube
digust with the manics again

fine, traditions and temperament
even more so
signal surface
half rock
half avatar underneath us
cull a red-fringed mask
pet ion
collective name conjecture
meaning ice name
center history
often classical evidence
seems later
eye means eloquent or insane Bodleian
a potential Poland
afraid one classification
is when bodies part
and pools of unwary child
may get close
to long-dead species
sewn with chemicals
eyes open the lungs
yes, it’s possible we were
once “impervious” to rain
my lovely manics
we can entertain such ideas
in their own right
as being just the name
to prolong the day

it may travel through the spine
your envy of the dead
the vessels of Baphomet
kept for
flattery and music Lily
is sometimes the forerunner
through the air
do you still speak
waiting for the light to turn blue
possession across the
brain 20 years later
a miniature Babel
stacked with rooms where
people had died in their
sleep, keep walking up
and the furniture
grows less haunted
don’t go farther outside the boundaries
not begging for friends
or murdered lungs
let’s blame someone, an almost believer
worked so hard for [ ]
you’ll finally get yr due
some want to live and others don’t
really care

kissing over a pylon sample
what have you
random wants you
the maze wants you
then you want nothing but credit
in different forms
spitting fiery sparks
may cause a drought
cedar deity
come consume
he’s from Moscow
wash the lot down
wishing eternal sleep
not a trick
tempting array was a normal size mood
on his back man
time law lurked by the streams
emerged as parent was gone
stomach for children to escape
monster in television car shitting against
the sign on the wall, that’s all

the tree is tied up and can’t hear
heard it before
the only thing a tree can do is feel
leaves are human hair
stay in memorial world
jw had a good delivery
month of breaking, scratching, the invisible
batteries, brakes autochthonic
not just a time
all for light in envelopes
won’t be speaking for a while
all you can do is feel
losing hair is not sending
she caught the birds she fed
scalded card
the lower shell
was in
this way

cartographers name bravely
but they all bounced off
she was only being apart
and the channels
the works of Chuang Tsze
several miles cyclops
killing foil
it could be a question of blood flow
island Haiti lei
said to have been
the god of literature adoptive
prisoner swallowed transformed
the mountain that
was a god for bats
and vomiting daily
and double crossed a psychic
a mandala was born in may
and died like a river

fly back from what
upside down boy
yucki boy
once was a chess fetus
work more than zero hours a day
get born two days
after you were born
dream about jack spicer
get deposed
dismantle and stop it
nature writing
more Berlin games
dismantle and stop it

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Alan Ramón Clinton is the author of two scholarly works on poetics, spiritualism, and technology, Mechanical Occult: Automatism, Modernism, and the Specter of Politics (Peter Lang: 2004) and Intuitions in Literature, Technology, and Politics: Parabilities (Palgrave: 2012). He is also a poet and fiction writer, with a volume of poems, Horatio Alger's Keys (BlazeVOX 2008) and a collection of short fictions entitled Curtain Call: A Metaphorical Memoir(Open Books, 2010). His novel, Necropsy in E Minor, published by Open Books in June 2011, was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize. His most recent novel is The Autobiography of Buster Keaton (Montag Press, 2014), and his chapbook, Unsuccessful Love Poems, is forthcoming from Kattywompus Press.  



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