Clade Song 13

Betsy Bolton Crickets
M. Cynthia Cheung The Priestess of Ishtar Addresses the Wild Man Enkidu a Year After She Tamed Him According to Divine Command
  The Moth
Seth Copeland Lake Michigan Sentence Fragments
Ed Gaudet A Mostly True Account of Talking to a Shark Off the Coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
LC Gutierrez In Dog Years
  Oyster Faith
  Two Dogs Loving on the Levee
Marjorie Maddox Spectators
Grey Held Cecropia Caterpillar My Neighbor, The Entomologist, Gave Me
  Landscape: Climbing
  Landscape: McIntosh Apple Tree In the Backyard
  Landscape: Walking a Labyrinth in Natick
Paul Hostovsky Petsmart
  Cleaning the Rabbit Cage
Scott Hutchison Swimming with the Sharks
  Woods-Edge and Backyard
JD Isip The Monarchs
Leigh Jordan Tubbs Firestorm
George Kalamaras Jacques Cousteau Was a Splendid Blue Shadow
  My Vocabulary Did This To Me
  We Might Somehow Save the Waning
Briana Lubinski Ode to Something Dead I Cannot Name Nor Return Home
  Owl Pellet
  What the Snowy Owl Meant
Bobby Parrott Insect Letters
  Toys in the Head of a Seven Year Old
Kate Polak Bats
  Elegy for an Insane Devotion
John Popielaski Aesthetics
Charles Springer Fly By
  The Plan
Irela CasaƱas Hijuelos (tr. by John Johnson and Jabez Churchill) Interiors


animal photos by Joshua McKinney, Jim Maughn, and Tim Kahl



seal crane/piper llama hawk frog dog