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Clade Song 13


Fly By

A fly is walking across the swatter! It's one brave fly to be walking across the swatter. It could be looking for its friend as I've read somewhere flies do make friends and often go looking when friends are missing. It's flapping its wings like it's revving up. Now it's rubbing two legs together like I often see a fly do. I can't believe it, it's taking off with the swatter. They're circling the room. They're going out the window. A whole battalion of flies is joining them from the porch. In no time they're a speck on a smudge-white cloud just like the speck on the earmarked page from Volume Two of Aeronautical Tactical Maneuvers Devised for Retrieval of Enemy Aircraft.


A Pushcart Prize, Sonder Press Best Small Fictions, Best Microfiction and Best of the Net nominee, Charles Springer is widely published in print and online. He has authored Juice (Regal House Publishing, 2018) and a collection of prose poems, Nowhere Now Here (Radial Books, 2021). A new collection of prose poems, Window Over the Sink (Fernwood Press) is slated for 2023.