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Clade Song 13

Tubbs Firestorm

60-mph-exhales (white-tailed deer : jackrabbits : bobcats)
from dragon’s mouth          hanging agape
blasts mixed hardwoods and grasses

            and houses. Yellow-bruised smoke heaves over
            mountain roads          blasphemous canopies of flame
            leave earth and bedrock raw and looted (Pacific giant
            salamanders : mountain lions : rattlesnakes : gray fox).
                        Black night sky violated by darkening
                        plumes of oily ash          ripe with chemical stench
                        and soft white particles of memories and bone (black
                        bear : coyote : spotted skunk : golden eagle).  Flames flow

                                    along ridge lines, consume night like an unscrupulous
                                    artist breaking          rules of color and form to provide
                                    breath to a palette belonging in an alien world.

                                                                                    Dedicated to Gary Synder
                                                                                    Turtle Island








Leigh Jordan lived in NYC until she was ten at which time her family moved to California. She studied anthropology and archaeology at San Francisco State University, and Sonoma State University, where she received her Masters. She now lives in a small town in Sonoma county, which is located just north of San Francisco. Her poems can be found in The Story Teller and Stolen Light; and on line in Twyckenham Notes.