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Clade Song 13

Two Dogs Loving On the Levee

Now I could fall into cliches, this rarified air
feathering your hair,

and see what was hitherto hidden to me. You
are beautiful.

Outshined by the Dalmations, the Weimaraners,
their fine coats

sheening in the sunlight. But now your mottled fluff
is the softest

sweetest breath of life. I am blind born, the river’s core,
freshly whelped.

You’re no jewel yourself, but you I’d noticed. How
not to? All

gristle and slobber. Snapping fool, sniffing after
every bitch

that barked, like all the others licking themselves
silly. Now

there’s nothing rough in you. Delicious hooks
you’ve brought

to my haunches: the river, the treeline, it’s moist and
new. You run
fire spitting through the center of me. So I will
have my howl,
my whimper. Celebrate your wet and earth-clawed sound
in plain air,

our breaths tugging at vying horizons. The stroke of my
owners voice.

Yours too calls, but something wild has brought us, locked
us here,

clamped like my boldest teeth on your precious, grass-
stained collar.






LC Gutierrez is a product of many places in the South and the Caribbean, as well as writing and comparative literature programs at Louisiana State and Tulane University. He now writes, teaches and plays trombone in Madrid, Spain. His work is recently published in Autofocus, Notre Dame Review, Sweet, Hobart, Trampoline Journal.