Clade Song 1

Marck Beggs Blind Verse
William Cordeiro Whelk Walk
Dana Curtis Agrisensuality
  Schrödinger's Mouse
J. P. Dancing Bear Frog Pond
  Some Are So Close
Brenda Hillman As the Roots Prepare for Literature
  On The Miracle of Nameless Feeling
  The Fuel of an Infinite Life
Christina Hutchins The Beak & the Body Entire
  The Dead
Brenda Iijima Off the Shelf
  Land of the Lost Extremes
Claudia Keelan Are You Anyone
Stephen Kessler Wild Man
Rusty Morrison Patience, Belated Perseverance 1
  Patience, Belated Perseverance 2
Bill Rasmowicz Dust of a Dessicated Horse
  Migrations Wrested
  Over Conversation
Daniel Romo Direction
C. J. Sage Gamble
Eleni Sikelianos, Eva Sikelianos & Jillian Mukavets                 Comes to Me