Blind Verse

by Marck L. Beggs

I was certain that blindness was a form
of darkness, a quick drop into the hole
or a cave where I led thirteen people—
blind as proverbial bats—down dark stairs.

We paused at the final turn, a volta
of black light
, I declared. We would become
witnesses to a dark so pure, crickets
lived blind and translucent among the dust.

A dark so pure, I insisted, that should
we remain here for a month, retinas
would die and we would spend our last days dark
I clicked off the lights and laughter erupted.

* * *

Darling, forever I have been the fool.
Watching you lean into a book—gold light
flashing off your hair, a shadow halo
shifting along the wall—at least I know
there is a world of carved words between us.

Moreover, I know the scent of your hair
spread like leaves over a pillow is cause
for a night filled with unexpected dreams,
so rare in the empty space of my nights,
like a planet discovered through blind chance.

But you are more than dream, tiny darling—
standing up to faint, sitting down to pout—
if there were a single word to hold you,
it would stand forth clear as wind, and declare
itself so blind we missed it for the world.

Marck L. Beggs Marck L. Beggs earned his Ph.D. from the University of Denver, his M.F.A. from Warren Wilson College, and currently is a professor of English at Henderson State University. Mostly, though, he lives a simple life in a cabin by a pond in Arkansas, sort of like Thoreau with technology. When he is not writing or singing his quasi-folk songs, he can sometimes be found watching the weeds proliferate in his garden as he daydreams of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and butternut squash. Needless to say, he cites Whitman as a major influence. He is the author of three collections of poetry including Catastrophic Chords (Salmon Poetry, 2008) and Libido Café (Salmon Poetry, 2004). His folk-rock band, dog gods, is working on a new CD (samples can be heard at, and he was named one of the "ten sexiest vegetarians over 50" by PETA in 2009. His wife, Carly, is one hot tomato.