Land of the Lost Extremes

by Brenda Iijima

      Canines with forelimbs pause to recollect The Stone Age: it is                               unclear how early Humans constructed their identities The                     abducted big toe evolves to walk, later disco Chimps transform into                     Humans, then stop, chomp chomp Chimps remain Chimps and                               Humans remain Humans, or? Looking continually for                                         ORDER The Neanderthal wore tooth pendants and walked with                                                                                                 the Wolves
                  See Lion man of Hohlenstein Stadel for a 32,000 year old                                                                                           representation
  Neo-Lamarckian to insert genetic material into the host
                                                                  genome and call it a psyche

        Early head scratching singing corralling Bats in the canopy and                                       Saber toothed Tigers create the fear factor while Mammoth hunting necessitated social collaborative structures to be appointed                                                 by later business models and then rejected
                      Reptoids: once in charge of the earth
            How is it that only during the 19th century and thereafter                       Dinosaur fossils were discovered? Isn’t it likely that early Man                                           came upon earlier remains and wondered?
Watch Steve Irwin kiss the head of a komodo Dragon
in The Crocodile Hunter Diaries on Animal Planet
According to an article titled “Reptile Romance”
featured in Who Magazine, Time Inc. 2 November 2002 Irwin met Terri Raines and it was love at first sight. Terri said at the time, "I thought there was no one like this anywhere in the world. He sounded like an environmental Tarzan, a larger-than-life                                                                           superhero guy”
Irwin was fatally wounded by a Stingray spine puncture on                           September 4th, 2006



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brenda iijima Brenda Iijima is the author of Around Sea (O Books), Animate, Inanimate Aims
(Litmus Press), revv. you'll-ution (Displaced Press) and If Not Metamorphic
(Ahsahta Press) as well as numerous chapbooks and artist's books. She is
also the editor of the eco language reader (Nightboat Books and PP@YYL).
These poems are from a body of work titled Some Simple Things Said by And
About Humans
-a chronicle in quasi-encyclopedia form of how humans have used
animals as surrogates. She is the editor of Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs