Comes to Me

poem by Eleni Sikelianos, Eva Grace [age 5] (vocals) and Jillian Mukavetz (violin)

recorded by Ambrose Bye at the Harry Smith recording studios, Naropa

Comes to me

the future comes to me
with a horrifying screech
then it comes to me softly
like a weeping cloud
and it comes to me like
a fish, glass-eyed, flopping
and it comes to me erotically
meanly & sharp
it comes to me cashed out rolling

in my future life I was
a cowboy, killed
in a bar fight

a flamingo in the snow




Eleni Sikelianos spent nearly two years traveling (often by thumb) through Europe and Africa (from London to Ankara, and from Haifa to Dar-es-Salaam). She has lived in Paris, San Francisco, New York, Athens, and now, Boulder. Her most recent books are Body Clock (Coffee House, 2008); a long poem in and around the history and sites of her home state, The California Poem (Coffee House, 2004); and a hybridized memoir about her father, heroin, and homelessness, The Book of Jon (Nonfiction; City Lights, 2004). Earlier books include The Monster Lives of Boys & Girls (Green Integer, National Poetry Series prize, 2003), Earliest Worlds (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, MN: April 2001), The Book of Tendons (Post-Apollo) and To Speak While Dreaming (Selva Editions). She currently teaches in the Creative Writing program at the University of Denver, and spends her days with her husband, the novelist Laird Hunt and their daughter, Eva Grace.

Jillian Mukavetz was born and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She earned her BA at the University of Denver and is pursuing her MFA at New England College. Her poems have appeared in delirious hem, Thirteen Myna Birds, and Scapegoat Review. She also plays the fiddle and runs an online publication Women’s Quarterly Conversation that features interview profiles on 21st century women writers and their aesthetic diversity.