Clade Song 2


1.     de-

So far we fall
               I fail

flag & all             

tuned by
fast to avail-

I fake it for-

a foot  

a lip    
fixed  tongue

to full   &

                 some  roof

            room a

falls into

be quick my
             and gather
ye dust
as ye may

2.  un-

It’s down to this:   If a vain hand reaches for the ball
or for the door

give me lassitude and enough green to fire by

last knock for the last graduating class:
we’re just what we’re rumored     to be

     but it’s never been less

to say so

you have your choice:  some sort of magazine one’s a-
round the other’s

subject matter.      
hurry fast-

    it’s back to the waiting

room—  back to  droning anchor
this beached and breached vessel  

                                        barnacle the scrimshaw as if preference

plays a role. It’s two in the habit,
for every one on the wheel.  Think better (of me) next time.

3. in

ruminant hash   half-replenished
in the hollow

risible   to that end
belly up  
in topsoil    to that

you’re in the room   
in the grass

a kind of in-

jaws distended

teeth rake
back draw the small body   in

4. trans-

Betcha hoover in the duff  but root the gloryhounds out
snoutlike kisser hewn rough in profile all

bent in the bootheel  there’s a pancake under the wheel
and a fool behind it the buffet line snakes

across the interstate  we gave it better than we got- head’s
have it, tail, hands work the rank oubliette  

it’s our turn to crowd the pinhead, angels
absolution’s constituents animal in appetite and why not?

Maughn James Maughn lives in Santa Cruz, CA, where he a poetry co-editor for the literary arts journal Ping Pong, published by the Henry Miller Memorial Library. He also coordinates A New Cadence Poetry Series out of the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz.  His first book, Kata, was  published by BlazeVOX Books in 2009. He is a member of the Black Radish Collective, and his second book, Arakaki Permutations, will be published by Black Radish Books in 2011. Work has appeared in Otoliths, Lungfull, Parthenon West Review, TinFish, Big Bell, Sentence, Moria, Poetry Salzburg Review, Dusie, MiPoesias, and Horse Less Review. Another book, These Peripheries, will be published in 2012 by Otoliths Press.