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Clade Song 9

David Axelrod Pity Divides the Soul and Mans, Unmans
  Since the Election
Joseph Dahut Bottle the Frost
Anthony Dimatteo Fishing for Family
K. E. Duffin Sciurus carolinensis
  Melospizus melodius
Ricky Garni There's an Elephant in the Room
Henrietta Goodman Flicker
Eric Howard In the Shadow of the Atoms
J. I. Kleinberg Asteroidea
Kent Leatham Redwood Wedding
  Method of Metaphor
Felicia Mitchell Pileated Woodpecker
Cameron Morse Give Thanks
Thomas Osatchoff Making the Garden Extremely Intimate
Michael Rerick Great Basin Spadefoot
  Colorado River Toad
  Western Toad

Claudia F. Saleeby Savage

Tell the Ocean

Caelen Tree Afterbirth





seal crane/piper llama hawk frog dog