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Clade Song 12

Mary Birnbaum Air Holes
  Mantis Eggs in Autumn
Janet Bowdan If a Tamarin Could Drop A Marshmallow Into Your World
Susan Charkes Bio Char
  Earth ffff
Christopher Clauss The Largest Goldfish in the Smallest Bowl
  Troglodytic Biota to Fritz Haber
  Why the Dog Keeps Chewing My Socks

Stuart Cooke

Cabo Polonio



John (Cal) Freeman

  Walleye Carcass as a Non-Fungible Token
Raza Ijaz Cheat Day and Congregation Animalia
Alex Mattraw If Only Nature It Is That I Will
  If Only Codependency It Is That I Will
Austin Miles isn't/trapped/neither
Steve Nickman He Taught Me To Say I Didn't Know
  The Stink-Bug
  There Once Was Something More
Lawrence R. Smith Two Birds
Daniel Solomon Animalia Through Protostomata
  Three at Once
  Trespassing in the Woods near Cherry Hill, Between Route 1 and the Potomac in Dumfries, VA, ca. 1990
Eric Fisher Stone

Ode to Rats

Elizabeth Sylvia Zostera Marina
Adin Thayer The Crickets Strike Up in September
Christian Ward Blobfish


animal photos by Jim Maughn



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