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Brittney Corrigan-McElroy Canis
  Clothesline for the Sixth Extinction
  The Ghost of Marlin Perkins Visits Me Wearing a Copperhead
Joseph Dahut 4 PM on the Banks of Rough Creek
Audrey Dubois Misfortune Factory
Kristin Dykstra Is there an us?
  A skunk made itself known in the night
Eric le Fatte Quarantine at the Cottage at the Edge of the Earth


The West Fork

Connor Fisher

Gargled Zoology

Ulalume González de León

(tr. by Nancy Morales, John Johnson and Terry Ehret)

Forms of Light
  News from my Natural Science Books Plus Digressions about our News
David Greenspan A bible written of rabbit
  The kind of ghosts that live in kitchens
Briggs Helton Deer Carcass on Burch Mountain
Brent House Pastoral #3 [God Must Find His Queen]
  Pastoral #4 [These Lights]
Allison Hummel Poms
  Silk Floral Party
Haley Lasché Another Poem for the Possum
  A Second Poem for the Possum
Bobby Parrot Less Than All Furry Silences
Larry Smith Abacus
Warren Woessner

What Flies



animal photos by Josh McKinney and Jim Maughn
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