Manufacturing an .mp3 [DIY-style]

Some preliminary comments

We are looking for .mp3 files; however, if you send .wav or other formats, there is a good chance we will be able to open these.

If you are sending a file that is larger than say 5MB, then you can send it to us via YouSendit. [This will probably only be the case if you have a large .wav file or a video file.]

There are several recommended ways to make an .mp3.

1) Use a recording service like Soundcloud. Send us the link from your recording and that will suffice.

To do this you will need to log in and create a profile. Follow the steps to record, wait for Soundcloud to "transcode" the recording. Save. Then e-mail to us here at

2) e-mail us at to set up a time where I can record your voice over the phone. This is not the optimal choice, but it will suffice in a pinch.

3) Use Audacity, a free download which is fairly easy to use. The written manual is quite helpful, but if you need visual help then try this video tutorial [Note: you can also use the built-in microphone on your computer if you have one—though a separate USB microphone is preferable]. Make sure you play back your recording. In order to reduce the "popping p's" try to hold the microphone a little ways away or speak into it at an angle and not staight on. (You don't need to download the LAME encoder in order to make .mp3s. Just send a .wav file and we'll take it from there.)

4) If you are an Apple person you can also use GarageBand or Logic Express to accomplish the task. [Video tutorial for Garage Band]

Don't hesitate to contact us at the e-mail above if you run into problems or have questions.