Clade Song 6
Clade Song 6 Left

Clade Song 6

On The Day Of Crane Numbering

none ton dun bird
jumps aloft to that
airy rectory in
these headlights: a weirding lamp

the moon clips shut
they are seeping towards us in one swept purl
flapping over burr

til a frost circulates
and not a waltz of flailed bones

torched to exoticism
what youth or sad rind of a bird
blasphemed, to expire
this union
what roads
what kismet
how much meat is there and how much time
their husks
splayed like your divining
some life indeed keeps
in clay red skulls
copulations to extend
horn an opus, crying for cirrus

and glow




Clade Song 6 Right
Kleinschmidt Seth Kleinschmidt lives in Vermont, where he makes a strange living talking about Taylor Swift on the radio. When not writing about tide pools and oak savannas, he can be found combining mint tea and King Crimson to great effect. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in literary arts in the recent past.