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C. Wade Bentley Scatological
Genelle Chaconas The Hare
Seth Copeland Dakonas
Julie Gard Brighton Beach, Duluth, Minnesota
Stephanie Heit Georgia Low Country
Tiffany Higgins The View From Inside
John Johnson Dogs in Church
  Science of Transposition and Cancellation
Heather Judy What We Are
George Kalamaras No Here But Now
  Their Names and Ears Had Been Erased
Susan Kelly-DeWitt I Ordered a Dragonfly
  Sea Nettles
Tamara Miles A Roaring Lion
Joe Milford Pre-Eminent
Ron Riekki Reindeer
Richard Weaver Blue Rider
  Trees Show Their Rings, Animals Their Veins
Ian Randall Wilson Evening Is For Place
  Last Morning

Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev

tr. by Don Mager


  Слонёнок/Baby Elephant




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