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Jeff Alessandrelli "A hand-me-down dress from who knows where / To all tomorrow's parties" — Lou Reed
  "Thought is made in the mouth." —Tristan Tzara
Heather Altfeld Dear Interpreter of Atoms and Molecules, Crazed Glass and Dreams
James Benton Dolphin Song
Nicole Tong Ars Poetica
  Full as Opera
Kathleen Gallagher Sacred Factories
John Gallaher We Hug Our Extinction
  Where Did All Those Clothes Go We Wore for the Bicentennial?
June Goodwin Hot Night
  Living with Animals
Judy Halebsky Dark-Eyed Junco (A Bird Call)
  Water = One
Timothy Liu Romance (Wanted to Mention)
  This Too Shall Pass (You Think of the Time)
Joseph Milford It Is Georgia Law That Any Coyote Apprehended Must Be Euthanized
  Red Clay Province
Kristi Moos Elegy for the Towhee
Christopher Morgan Seeing Red + Feeling Blue
Yuyutsu Sharma By the Door of My Sleep [1 and 3]
Jared Stanley Mountain Mahogany
  The Mineral Kingdom
  You Motherfuckers Believe in Magic?
Chad Sweeney Pandimensional



Ulalume Gonzalez de Léon

tr. John Johnson, Terry Ehret, Nancy Morales

The Spirit of the Language

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English | Spanish