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Clade Song 3

Hugh Behm-Steinberg Ring-necked Pheasants
  Brewer's Blackbirds
Janet Bowdan Mr. Small and the Changing Seasons
  while being grateful
Jennifer Boyden The Lost Man Meets the Giant
  Impossible to Know Which Ring the Ring of the Answer
William Clark The Insomniac
Sharon Coleman Frozen Cities
Marcelo Hernandez Castillo The Tame Ones
John Johnson Loose Talk
Troy Jollimore The Horseshoe Crab
Aby Kaupang you come home to the rest of your life
  your yellowstone will occur here
Erika Lutzner Death Is Not Absolute
Robert Okaji With these Nine Figures
Amy Pence Virgin_Putto_Pigeons@the Campanile
Masin Persina Listening the Trees to Sleep
Nance Van Winckel Tongue Tide




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