Clade Song 10
Clade Song 10 left

Clade Song 10

Matthew Cooperman Jungle Book 8
  Jungle Book 12
John Grey In the Cloud Forest
Brenda Hillman [poem         on a birthday in shelter]
  [trance poem         with the gray stone]
  & While The Power Was Out
  & After the Power Came Back
George Kalamaras Multiple Layers of the Body
  Sixteen Lines of a Sonnet for the Sixteen Letters in Redbone Hound Dogs
  Thinking of the Sorrow of Li Po, I Drink Oolong Tea Fireside on a Cold February Night, Remembering How He Cared for a Friend in What He Called The Burial of Scraped Bones
Aby Kaupang Meteoroids as Nightly
  Tree of Knowledge
Claudia Keelan We Had Meant To Be Here
Susan Kelly-DeWitt Elegy for a Stink Ant of Cameroon
  Self-Portrait as a Green Heron
Ty Little How to Sing and Mean It
Alexandra Mattraw The Colony
Jim Maughn Dog-sick Tired and Worm-Hearted Tool
  It's Only Taboo if You Eat Your Own
Joe Milford Blackbeard Island
Bin Ramke Applied Astronomy
  Argument Value, X and Y
  Phrase Book
Robin Ray Nature Study
Donald Revell Of Youth Transfigured in the Deer
  The Planet (John 3:45)
Elizabeth Robinson Bucardo
  Tasmanian Tiger
Larry Smith Fountain
  I Heard a Voice (outtake)
Randy White After Xu Zheng


All musical accompaniment by Victor Schnickelfritz
All animal photos by Jim Maughn
All lichen photos by Josh McKinney
Clade Song 10 right



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