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Half Moon Afternoon

Who's the new president
            My two sticks along the grass
fizzle of clouds
            a circling hawk
on a fence rail two ravens

Bay blazed
            to a white spot
hillfolds with their new green on
            pour into it
heads down cows
            keep doing their one job
Don't worry    I haven't come
            this time          to hide
your hill under houses

The man with shirt off
talking to his dog
            gone    Now I'm the only
one in the broad strokes
            of blue & green
scribbling into his hand


Mezzue to Wildcat Creek Trs. 11/8/16





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Dan Alter has published poems recently in The Burnside Review, Compose Journal, Field, Pank, and Zyzzyva among others. He has been a fellow of the Arad Arts Project, and is a member of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley.