Clade Song 12 left

Clade Song 12

The crickets strike up in September

An understated maze of choruses is what I hear
with my entire body  as though initiated

into a hearing that permeates my scattered mind
and stills it      some are small

jingling beads     some a cool underscore
and some are chattering           three dirges    

it’s hard to keep up with the tender density
of their simultaneous explosion  
of harmony on the brink of death.
they fill the steeped dark
and something has wired them
through me. I don’t know how to receive

this balm so taut with ending I can barely
listen            and cannot stop. 

Clade Song 12 Right

The sustenance drawn from the natural world is a central theme of Adin Thayer’s work.  Her poetry attempts to express and explore how nature’s power, beauty and lawfulness do and could affect how we behave as people.  Her work also focuses on experiences she has had working in Rwanda over the past 20 years,  as well as the moments of everyday life when awareness flashes and ordinary experience expands.  She lives in Massachusetts and taught for many years at the Smith College School for Social Work.




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