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Clade Song 10

The Planet (John 4:35)

The issue
   Albeit quickly sketched
      In the manner of Giacometti
Might burn…

And then again the life of any human
   (Issue of?
      An angel
A clock-winder

Burns with equal haste
   Loving so much
      And loving poorly.

Are we perhaps deciding the fate of Earth?

On the far side
   Of the farthest cloud
      A pencil sketch
Of a boy destined for life everlasting

Drifts across the sun.
   For a moment his eyes
      Flare ages of insight.
Something has been decided.
Wind the clocks backwards
   Until they break, but something
      Has been decided,
White as the white harvest in Samaria.




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Donald Revell is the author of fifteen collections of poetry, most recently of The English Boat (2018) and Drought-Adapted Vine (2015), both from Alice James Books. Revell has also published six volumes of translations from the French, including Apollinaire’s Alcools, Rimbaud’s A Season in Hell, Laforgue’s Last Verses, and Verlaine's Songs without Words. His critical writings have been collected as: Sudden Eden: Essays; Essay: A Critical Memoir; The Art of Attention; and Invisible Green: Selected Prose. Winner of the PEN USA Translation Award and two-time winner of the PEN USA Award for Poetry, he has also won the Academy of American Poets’ Lenore Marshall Prize and is a former Fellow of the Ingram Merrill and Guggenheim Foundations. Additionally, he has twice been awarded Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. Having previously taught at the Universities of Alabama, Denver, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, and Utah, Donald Revell is currently a Professor of English at UNLV and faculty affiliate of the Black Mountain Institute.