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Argument Value, X and Y

Sinusoidal functions describe anything
wave shaped with respect to place or time.
y = a sin(bx+c), where a, b and c are constants.
x in, y out. Say for instance I am walking
along the Gulf of Mexico, somewhere near
the Texas and Louisiana state line,
and the clouds on the horizon gather
crowding each other into shapes
amplitude angular velocity and phase angles
shift shapes and yet the night still comes.

Say I am still walking but a decade in time
has passed and ships and families of fish.
The sky is darker, the night still comes.
Say X is a century, or a thousand years
it doesn’t matter. A woman stands
on the beach, it is late, the sun low
and her shadow sharply points east
but the ratio of the height of the woman
to her line of sight to the tip of her shadow

is related to the rate of the waves washing
her feet. Every curve a caress. Every care

a curse. Anything can be counted. Everything.


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Bin Ramke's thirteenth book of poems, LIGHT WIND LIGHT LIGHT, was published recently by Omnidawn. He continues to teach at the University of Denver, and sporadically at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.