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Clade Song 3


Corruption, unpruned, like a mayflower
grows, despite itself,
in a window box on high
and feeds on monoxide
from the traffic’s grainy footage far below
as well as water and sunlight,
and it thereby grows stronger
for the future’s pearled cloud
than the selfless daffodil, in purest pasture,
asleep, in mim.  
Must we feed the daffodil
monoxide as well to ready it
for the crystal mists approaching
or will it grow, despite us,
in the abandoned fields,
and grow there, and breed
and breed and grow,

Listening the Trees to Sleep



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Masin Persina lives in Oakland CA.  His poems have appeared, or will appear, in Barrelhouse; Forklift, Ohio; Ninth Letter; The Lumberyard; 6x6; Sixth Finch and elsewhere.