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Clade Song 3

Death Is Not Absolute
(After Lorca’s Muerte)
Humans become horses
Horses become trees
Whether you accept it or not;
Divinity is not an absolute
I speak against your God
My heart, an empty capillary––

Ophelia lost her way; her mind
Not far behind
Tongue buried,
Your mouth becomes death
I remember the shape of your eyes––
Ancient, in the image of books


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Erika Lutzner’s first chapbook, Invisible Girls, is available through dancing girl press as well as her second, Bedtime Stories. Her next book, You Were My Death, is forthcoming with Kattywompus Press. Erika curates Upstairs At Erika’s, a monthly writers salon in Brooklyn, New York. She also runs Scapegoat Review, a quarterly journal.