Clade Song 6
Clade Song 6 Left

Clade Song 6

At Willow Point

Not a bird, who would be
able to fly away if the ground turned liquid
below its feet, but something loping,
mammalian, has crossed the rarely frozen cove
since the last snow turned it from silver
to white—Though really,
this color that is said to contain all colors
only to look like their absence
is this evening a greyed lavender,
a muteness under a birdless sky;
it is snow swept flat, reflecting the great, color-field sky’s
last moment,
yet brighter—whiter—

And I wish I had ears like the fox
to lead me across with the same
effortless care, hearing each crease
under the skim coat of snow,
with padded bare feet to feel any softness unseen.
I, too, would make a straight course to the island
we usually only visit in summer,
sailing, tacking.





Clade Song 6 Right
Ryan Bayless Karina Lutz is a writer, editor, teacher, and lifelong activist. She helped secure passage of sustainable energy legislation, thwart a proposed megaport, and restore wetlands in her home watershed of Narragansett Bay, RI. In 2013, she received honorable mention from Homebound Publications Poetry Prize for her manuscript, PreliminaryVisions. Her poems have been published by Tulane Review, Blueline, Written River, The Wayfarer, Poecology, Twisted Vine, Bleeding Lion, Buddhist Poetry Review, Green Living Journal, PDXX Collective, S/tick, Narrative Northeast, and The Transnational. She has performed her epic peace poem, "Encircling Earth" at dozens of venues in New England.