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Clade Song 10

how to sing and mean it

imagine    any    animal (NOT HUMAN)
at its most
                                       evolved form
for instance, a snail emboldened in illuminatory discoveries
of itself, in toxic slime
it has evolved past its shell/hard exterior, and is exposed to the world
as a sensitive goo serpent
it makes a sound like a fire truck
in e minor
now imitate the evolved snail as you roll in your own excrement

          stick your finger into an electric socket deeply
          and howl an electrically charged tune
          as you burn from the outside in
          if you survive
          this could be incorporated into a top 40 track

               find your favorite piece of writing and
               force yourself
               to forget it

                   visit the Luray Caverns in Virginia
                   when the lights go out
                   and record the
                       sound of visitors
                   as you crawl past their feet in the darkest dark,
                   pretending to be a prehistoric being
                   that has never been exposed to
                   the beauty of smog



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Ty Little is a trans poet currently living in Richmond, Virginia. Her work has been featured in  Wonder,  Landfill,  Solo Show  and  We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics  by Nightboat Books. She can be found on Instagram @estrogentle.