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Clade Song 10

Tree of Knowledge

            near the ball court of Dzibanche

He looked down so to number fruits on the wide-spread bough

            beautiful       tempters       did you lure to them?


yet low

             sub-luminary to the fresh high-metered Ceiba

long-thought bough       knowledge-vowed bough

            it bloomed and fruited     low swollen with humming thrum

loaded heavy       fertile fruits       weeping and ripe and juice-oozing

                                                      ( it is viscous! )




            the heron and mango and mangrove

                  hold a place for the atmosphere of effortless

                                    forgiveness and wonder

                                        (we will be there! )

                  to appear


and so he was pleased with what he had made

rustle monkey     late mist     sacbe glistening


came then no day of Judgement

                       he didn’t even need to say it:

                  let the white owl descend

                        blessed bee

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Aby Aby Kaupang is a writer and an occupational therapist. Recent works include Radiant Tether (Verge, 2020),  NOS, disorder not otherwise specified (w. Matthew Cooperman, Futurepoem),  Disorder 299.00 (w. Matthew Cooperman, Essay Press). lives She lives in Fort Collins, CO where she served as the Poet Laureate from 2015-2017.More information here