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Clade Song 10

Meteoroids as Nightly

barn owls themselves
whose wings are wide enough to shelter your stricken cells
blur in the wind

no matter how many times your vertebrae crumble
tunnel like candles sinking in their sockets

            your skin-sack

dull from it all & forlorn & fumbling
a landmine     past its own wars

it won’t strive any more

just down past the ditch
thickets of men & women
& scrub oaks     ghost

how is it the barn owl passing over & shadows
of graves cast amongst else-wise stillness

            —how does it irrigate so

the torching of the maize field
it is so far away
you will never feel it

dry eye     don’t worry
the gulch’s not yet damned

see the colors of the husks you’ll pass
the blurred highways of meteoroids as nightly they swelter

I promise     darling     they are already behind you

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Aby Kaupang is a writer and an occupational therapist. Recent works include Radiant Tether (Verge, 2020),  NOS, disorder not otherwise specified (w. Matthew Cooperman, Futurepoem),  Disorder 299.00 (w. Matthew Cooperman, Essay Press). lives She lives in Fort Collins, CO where she served as the Poet Laureate from 2015-2017.More information here