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Clade Song 10

[trance poem     with the gray stone]


i traveled between  dimensions together

mild weather     medium depression  

white tents at the hospital      propped up on stakes
a few desultory carts outside     like Europe

number is all wrote Baudelaire

was holding a spry gray stone        given to me by A

could hear the crow        over the fertile eye of the rat

i said to my companion    there
a prank of orange poppies    fluttering on the hill
fluttering of the white moth     over a landfill

4 horsemen of the apocalypse      but calmer

number is in the individual   wrote Baudelaire

vessels in the road        wrote #6 plastic

felt the souls pass by          those i had known
some yet to be known      here they said

bees had been coming back    
violence had not      returned in full force

breath of life inside        

& fog passed by      like a favor   
each breath    a soul we loved

a soul       a fluttering between worlds

[depending on what you mean by that]


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7-2-20   10,716,063
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Brenda Hillman is the author of ten collections of poetry from Wesleyan University Press, including Extra Hidden Life, Among the Days (2018)which won the Northern California Book Award. She has edited and co-translated numerous books, most recently At Your Feet by Ana Cristina Cesar— co-translated with Helen Hillman.   Sobre un dia, en el mundo a collection of Hillman’s work in Spanish, has been translated by Ezequiel Zaidenwerg. She currently serves as a Chancellor for the Academy of American Poets, co-directs the Poetry Program of the Community of Writers and teaches at Saint Mary’s College of California.