Clade Song 6
Clade Song 6 Left

Clade Song 6

Memory of Parhelion


Thumb-crush chestnut husky nipple,           
you hold me; dogwood tangled tight

Bite my lip, sweetgum seedpod bristle;
timber hips into my branches of light

I turn ear to earth, hear worms curling
the whirl of Lyrids as they plume through the night

I dream a subterranean sister, ear to air
Red cedar hair; eyes mineral bright

Can she hear the sun sing parhelion? 
Silt–frosted she listens, denim gristles on thighs

Breasts tessellated Petoskey stone,
who is pressing up on her tonight?




Clade Song 6 Right
Dunbar Melanie Dunbar tends flowers for a living. Her poems can be found in the Silver Birch Press Where I Live series and Sweet series, escarp, Your Impossible Voice, Sweet: A Literary Confection and are forthcoming in Gargoyle and Otoliths. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her family and their rooster, Mr. Beautiful.