Clade Song 2

news hour
you alarm the world harkening to any

who will wake & listen to same stark

breaking every day. i accept early reveal

now & reveille, spring recipe: 1/2 asleep

mystic yearning, 1/4 dreamer, morning

fix of breaths & rhythm knots, replies to

old exchanges. those stories riding photons

still stage managed beyond every access.

secret way of running things. his pokemon

is pink & has a shell. her québécois opines

re: wine paling at the upper palate. i rely

on relay from your tall tree & all trees near,

sweet velvet hammer in my ear. song picked

up & passed from little throat to little throat.

in case of fire, spill or release


Ken Taylor Ken Taylor lives in North Carolina. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Hambone, VOLT, The Offending Adam, 3:AM Magazine, Verse Daily, elimae, EOAGH, MiPOesias,The Chattahoochee Review, Southword, The Carolina Quarterly, Gigantic Sequins and others. His chapbook first the trees, now this is forthcoming from Three Count Pour.