Clade Song 2

in case of fire, spill or release

the flight attendant drops his register to make

up for a dearth of girlfriends, says: our lunch

is only possible with bees or the wind. thought

bubbles exercise angst throughout the cabin.

exercise is: two fingers, three things. 4B wants

more fig leaf. 4C: a slip-n-slide. all other hands

re-blue guns & upset that numinous boarding

hierarchy. trending now: bird strike.

our co-pilot lapses on the names of mountains.

her cockpit sucumbs to bean vine tendrils &

deveining begins. the pilot steers by dust up

from dry lake beds: stick & rudder man from

way back. engine one declares a new pope.

engine two: pagans make better lovers.


news hour

Ken Taylor Ken Taylor lives in North Carolina. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Hambone, VOLT, The Offending Adam, 3:AM Magazine, Verse Daily, elimae, EOAGH, MiPOesias,The Chattahoochee Review, Southword, The Carolina Quarterly, Gigantic Sequins and others. His chapbook first the trees, now this is forthcoming from Three Count Pour.  



"in case of fire" originally appeared in 3AM