Clade Song 2

but and this is where the contradiction lies
because one of them sleeps
the goal is restless
as if the smoke had
or the naked eye
and still the night
the smokestacks
too far in the distance
to be counted
the lazy lazy
river you know that river
so tied up in itself
and leaves
swirl in the eddies
the sky a mirror
the wind one last whisper
isn’t that what we
came for?

the first hint of

this film is not about its maker

grieving you, I

Glancy Gabrielle Glancy’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, The American Poetry Review, The Paris Review, New American Writing and many other journals and anthologies. She is just beginning to wake up from a hundred year sleep in which she continued to write but stopped publishing. Her eyes have become accustomed to the dark.