Clade Song 2

Being Glad

                        I am conscious endlessly
that I experience it immediately
and so forth on the general nodes
of perception    fibrillae    advertence
why     a certain cumulative happiness in
a standing-rising cloud    one wants
of a circle     is
Animate beings yes yes I look up     too
and am heedful     the index of figurative touch
alive in the fingertips    and useful
associations     what useful feelings stir
            in the pit-pot
by the roadside     was just now eased
a field of flox   sensation
partly     and for the most part imperceptibly
my foggy house to the verandah     yields
we arrived a “knowing them”
All along new ones are perceived     a field
touched     (again yes)     I am a member of
the moreover worlding flox
an illuminant-regard for burred things     “goods”
and “books” and “plush”      and “drinking glass”
I simply find the physical things
            in front of me    enfurnished    enfibered
—why put anything down?
There     always    brute animals belonging
to my environs    yes     I am conscious endlessly
            what limits feelings stir
they are my “friends” or my “enemies”
     “servants”     and my “strangers”
A course of understanding largely in laughter
it turns out     it fields     the breathing thing
            I am it and it am—

Corpulent Vow

Cooperman Matthew Cooperman is the author of Still: of the Earth as the Ark which Does Not Move (Counterpath Press, 2011), DaZE (Salt Publishing Ltd, 2006) and A Sacrificial Zinc (Pleiades/LSU, 2001), winner of the Lena-Miles Wever Todd Prize, as well as three chapbooks, Still: (to be) Perpetual (dove | tail, 2007), Words About James (phylum press, 2005) and Surge (Kent State University Press, 1999). A founding editor of Quarter After Eight, and current poetry editor of Colorado Review, he teaches at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he lives with the poet Aby Kaupang and his two children. More information can be found at