Clade Song 2

Thanksgiving (For Wolfie)

Thank the cilia of the spinal cord,
the miraculous chemistry of the locomotive body,
its landscape of microbes, its microclimates of bacteria and fungi, its itinerant bivouacked viruses.
Thank its oceans, hidden, saline, and conductive.
Thank the dendrite trees and the axon roads,
the conglomerate media of the brain.
And thank death with her birch branch fingers.
To her you say yes, say no, say yes,
but this binary is the wrong language.
There is more to the breath than in and out —
from animal
to mineral
to vegetable
to animal.




Breheny Jessica Breheny lives in Santa Cruz, California and teaches writing at San Jose City College. Her work has been published in, or is forthcoming from, Avery, Electric Velocipede, Eleven Eleven, elimae, LIT, Otoliths, Other Voices, and Santa Monica Review among other journals. She is the author of the chapbooks Some Mythology (Naissance Press) and Ephemerides (Dusie Kollektiv).