Clade Song 2


I free the spider’s food and call it kindness             Can I tell the difference between love         and starvation?         What about variables? Leg     and carapace?         Turn the corner to rain and ice cream     parlors abandoned to the cold         A fence torn at the corners     ratted ice     Last chance to jerry-rig the damage   A spider web outside the window is a necklace of rain drops   Mouths are for feeding       Mouths are for aspiring venom


Breheny Jessica Breheny lives in Santa Cruz, California and teaches writing at San Jose City College. Her work has been published in, or is forthcoming from, Avery, Electric Velocipede, Eleven Eleven, elimae, LIT, Otoliths, Other Voices, and Santa Monica Review among other journals. She is the author of the chapbooks Some Mythology (Naissance Press) and Ephemerides (Dusie Kollektiv).